How to find a reliable cleaner

Cleaners are easy to find. There are independent private cleaners, cleaning companies, cleaning agencies – they are very abundant. The real question is ‘How do I find a reliable cleaner?’.

Unless we evolve into some kind of super human there is never going to be that person who ‘never misses a shift’ in any sector. As long as we are all human then problems will not be eradicated!

There are lots of people we can rely on and there are lots who let us down. Some people, when looking for a cleaner, hire a private self -employed cleaner who tend to be very friendly and hardworking but generally work alone. This causes the the customer an issue if they need time off as there is no replacement.

Other customers prefer to use a cleaning company who employ a limited amount maids. Cleaning companies usually provide cover through times of sickness or holiday which is great but it usually comes with a higher price tag due to providing cleaning materials and cleaning equipment.

Then there are cleaning agencies that are priced in-between. An agency sub-contracts a private domestic cleaner, who uses the customer’s own cleaning materials and equipment. As problems that occur cannot be foreseen with ‘humans’, an agency is more of a problem-solver when needed. If a cleaner is absent, you have the peace of mind to call the agency to find out id a replacement is available.

So the question is not really ‘How do I find a reliable cleaner?’ but rather, ‘How do I find a reliable service’.

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