Domestic cleaning maids vetting your own

Hiring a cleaner

Hiring a cleaner for your family home is becoming increasingly common these days. The domestic cleaning industry is estimated to be worth somewhere between £4 to £8 billion pounds according to various sources and it is still growing at a very rapid pace.

Many people who decide to use domestic cleaning maids often find that their cleaning maid is unreliable ie: turns up late, leaves early, or doesn’t even turn up!

How can you minimise the risk of employing an unreliable domestic cleaning maid?

If you are advertising locally to recruit your own domestic cleaning maid then it is completely in your own hands to asses each person.

I would recommend that you conduct every interview at the candidates’ own residence. This will give you a good idea of their own hygiene standards.

Be careful to look out for tell tale signs of unreliability, with experience these will become obvious to you.

Ask to use their bathroom whilst you are there and take a good look around for cleanliness.

Carefully formulate the questions you are going to ask. With the right questions they will gladly reveal how they have let people down in the past!

Make sure that you request and check references from the candidate and always follow them up.

Request identification to make sure they are who they say that they are!

Request that the candidate obtains a disclosure form for you.

What to do next

Formulate a written contract for the domestic cleaning maid to sign. This should cover various eventualities to safe guard you and your rights. Is is also to  safe guard the rights of the domestic cleaning maid.

Employ the cleaning maid initially on a trial basis.

Alternatively, you could always employ a professional domestic cleaning company. There are many of these companies and most will have rigorously checked their domestic cleaning maids.This will save you time, money and effort.