Spring Cleaning Provenance

Provinance of the term ‘Spring Cleaning’

Did you know the saying Spring Clean originated many years ago when it was not unusual to cover old slate or stone floors with Hay during the cold winter months. It was also an opportunity to clean out all the soot and grime accumilated over several months from the open fire and closed windows. Once the weather started warming up during the early spring then the hay would be cleaned away, the windows opened and all nooks and crannies cleaned. Hence where the saying ‘spring clean‘ comes from.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good spring clean. Open windows, fresh air flowing through. Knowing that all those hard to reach areas are clean and clear.

This is also an excellant opportunity to declutter and re-organise.

The lighter, brighter days re energise and motive me. There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of completing a spring clean. Almost feels like you’ve not just cleaned and decluttered the house, but also the mind.

If you are struggling to find the time to do your spring cleaning, or your every day cleaning, do not be discouraged. There are many fantastic cleaning businesses out there. We at Dolly Char Domestic Cleaning Agency would be more than happy to help, we are only a click away.