I feel that I am amongst the lucky small category of people who run their own business and work remotely or home based. Some of the personal benefits of working out of my home in my eyes are as follows:- Not having to rush around in the morning to get out the house in time to clock in! Within reason, I work when I want to and not when I am told to! However, it must be noted that it has taken a few years of hard graft to get to this point. I now get the opportunity to see my family grow up and even more so me been a bigger part of their life’s. I have time to help out and do other things around the house. My overheads are a lot lower than working from an outside office and having rent and business rates to find on a monthly basis.

To be honest working from home does not feel like an ordinary job, more like an hobby I would say, apart from obviously the business must be kept on top of!